(Artist, Drummer, Producer)

I started music as a drummer when I was about 5 years old. After finishing high school I was introduced to beat making by my brother, Prosper. I made a beat that got the attention of my brother and we agreed to rap on it with some friends, The Beloved, my first recorded song; it was titled Light of the World. After this song, music making and rapping grew on me and I would link up with some friends who where into music and these kinds of associations brought in different kinds of musical inspiration. I went on to compose my first single titled Mawu in which I featured Chizmo; it went on to be a part of my first Project, a mix tape called Reverence for God. Somewhere along the way was my decision to do music seriously, being a born again Christian who was raised in church the choice of music to do was an easy one and that is how we got to come up with the idea of Substance Music. I believe that music travels fast and can reach places where I cannot reach so I use it as a tool to reach out to people. Some of my influences are; Da Truth, David Kalilani, Flame, Masomphenya, S.O., Suffix, and Elegant.

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Manasseh Caleb