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(Artist, DJ, Engineer, Pianist, Producer)

My interest in music started at a young age. I would record songs on the radio, listen to DJ mixes, and try to rap and sing. Just before writing my high school finals a game changer happened while visiting a friend, I found his brother making beats on a computer, this excited me big time and I got the software. From there it was trial and error and along the way I started to make things that sounded like music. So this is how I got into music production. Rap interest was still there and I found myself writing my first song title Unconditional Love. Along the way interest in music grew so much I decided to study music and that’s where the pianist in me was discovered. And some of the things I had interest in such as deejaying would still interest me and I decided to juggle them all. This is why I seem to have a lot on my plate, but I love being able to do several musical things, and to me they are not separate per se, they are one thing which I do. I am here to make music for my maker, and music that is rich musically and in content. My musical influences, well Gawvi and Vybe beats are my producers, Trip Lee is my rapper, Kim Walker is my worshipper, and Earl Klugh is my instrumentalist.

Social media username (Biblical Chizmo)

A Song For You (EP) – Download